Minutes of Executive Meeting , June 29

Minutes of Meeting
June 29, 2010
St. Paul University Surigao

                        Ms. Violeta Q. Grefalde         -           President 
Sr. Filomena Aragon, SPC      -           Vice-President
                        Ms. Claret D. Ruaya               -           Secretary
Ms. Lorna P. Libres                -           Treasurer
                        Mr. Allan E. Nalupa, Sr.         -           Auditor
                        Ms. Rossana S. Bautista         -           PIO
                        Ms. Hilda S. Santillan             -           Bus. Manager
                        Ms. Jocelyn P. Comon            -           Member
                        Ms. Teotima L. Cruda             -           Member
                        Ms. Erlinda V. Loren              -           Member
                        Ms. Francisco B. Lupian         -           Member                      

                        Mr. Julius A. Gaviola              -           Bus. Mngr.
                        Ms. Dolores C. Cabug-os        -           Member
                        Ms. Tess Mondejar                  -           Member

The meeting started at 9:55 a.m.

Reading and approval of minutes of the previous meeting:

The secretary read the minutes of 6th General Assembly held last Aug. 2, 2007 at Surigao Education Center, Surigao City and the Minutes of Executive Meeting held last June 26, 2009 at CHED Regional Office.  Sr. Aragon, SPC moved for the approval of the minutes and seconded by Ms. Loren.


  1. Turn-over of Duties and Responsibilities

Rationale:        Ms. Grefalde retired from service at Surigao del Sur State University. 

As embodied in the CARRASSOR’s Manual, the Vice-President shall exercise all the powers and duties of the President in case of resignation or retirement of the latter. Thus, the presidency was turned-over to Sr. Aragon, SPC who gratefully accepted the duties and responsibilities.

Mr. Lupian nominated Ms. Bautista for Vice-President vacated by Sr. Aragon, SPC.  The nomination was duly seconded by Ms. Libres.

  1. Planning for the CARRASSOR’s 7th General Assembly:
There will be a joint assembly of registrars of CARAGA and Region X and CARRASSOR will be the host.
a.                   Date:         September 29-30, 2010
b.                  Venue:       Butuan City
c.                   Theme:  Quality Registrar’s Service for Quality Education
d.                  Objectives:
1.   To be updated with CHED Data Collection & Bureau of
      Immigration Guidelines.
2.  To be upgraded with the latest trends in Students’ Records
3.  To enable Registrars to manage change and conflict and become
      effective leader and manager.
4.  To upgrade the customer service rendered by the Registrar’s Office.
e.                   Host School:  Butuan Doctors College
f.                   Speakers:
Dr. Virginia D. Akiate
Ms. Ma. Humilada F. Claro
                             Dir. Maclin D. Lanto, BOI Region X
                             Engr. Ramil Sanchez
g.                  Working Committees:
1.      Executive Committee
Chairman: Sr. Aragon, SPC
Vice-Chair: Host- Ms. Libres
Members:  Ms. Ruaya
                  Registrars of HEIs located in Butuan City
2.      Registration:    Ms. Ruaya, Ms. Comon
3.      Souvenier/Kits:  Ms. Libres, Ms. Bautista
4.       Program & Invitation:  Sr. Aragon, SPC, Ms. Ruaya, Ms. Libres
                                       and Ms. Grefalde
5.      Presentations:  Mr. Nalupa & Ms. Libres
6.      Finance:           Ms. Libres
7.      Reception:       Ms. Libres & Ms. Santillan
8.      Communication:  Sr. Aragon, SPC, Ms. Ruaya, Ms. Grefalde and
                             Ms. Libres
9.      Raffle & Prizes:  Ms. Bautista (Chairman), Ms. Santillan,
                        Mr. Lupian, Ms. Cruda, Ms. Loren, Ms. Comon
10.  Dinner & Fellowship Night:  c/o Host

h.                  Order of Activities:
Day 1
Doxology: c/o Host
Welcome Address:   Ms. Libres
Presentation of Participants:         Ms. Ruaya
Opening Remarks & Rationale:    Sr. Aragon, SPC
Intermission: c/o Host
Talk 1:  Quality Service at the CHEDRO
The Speaker is to be introduced by Ms. Bautista

Message:  Dr. Akiate, Keynote Speaker

Lunch break

Energizer:  Ms. Loren

Talk 2.  Quality service at the Registrar’s Office
The speaker is to be introduced by Sr. Aragon, SPC

Ms. Ma. Humilada F. Claro, Univ. of Asia and the Pacific Registrar

Open Forum:
                  Ms. Mondejar, Moderator

Day 2:
Talk 3.  Bureau of Immigration Updates
      The Speker is to be introduced by Ms. Cruda

                              Maclin D. Lanto, Immigration Area Director, Region X, BOI
Talk 3.  CHED Data Collection AY 2010-2011
The speaker is to be introduced by Ms. Comon

Engr. Ramil Sanchez

Lunch break

Assembly Meeting

Closing Remarks:  Ms. Santillan

Master of Ceremony:  Registrar of PNU

  1. Revision of Manual:
            Sr. Aragon – Chair
            Ms. Bautista – Member
            Ms. Ruaya – Member
            Ms. Cruda – Member
            Ms. Santillan – Member

A follow-up meeting of the Board is scheduled on August 19, 2010 at CHED Regional Office. 

            The meeting ended at 1:25 PM.

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