Updated List of HEI BHED Reports Submission

If you have questions please call Ramil or Rey at 342.7483

Status of BHED Reports

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Please review the checklist we have made. If your have question, please call me or Rey Odtojan, our MIS Staff.

We have to settle the reports within this month of October 2009. We shall make a coressponding to your president regarding the status of your reports, non-submission and other issues.

For your preferential attention please.

WORD of ADVISE: For ease in communication with your office, its better we adopt an official email address for your office especially if you dont have a domain .edu.ph ( as always suggested):

HEI Acronym: ABC ( AB College)
Email address: abc.registrar@gmail.com or abc.registrar@yahoo.com

for safety, write the password on a piece of paper, put inside a sealed envelope, stored is a safe place. You can open it if your memory no longer work, or worst your office mate opens it in case the registrar or email -in-charge quits/retires from the job.